Musical Theater Class | The love for music, the beauty of drama, born for the dreams of enthusiasts!

Upholding the spirit of rigor, all-inclusiveness, and diversity in the arts, the 11th International Vocal Open Competition in 2024 has introduced Opera Session, Art Song Session, Folk Song Session, Pop Song Session (Mandarin Song Playing and Singing Class), Children’s Song Session and Contemporary A Cappella Session, Choral Session and Musical Theater Class.

With eight sessions and multiple classes, singers of all age groups can find their own spotlight in the stage within it. 🙋 We welcome both professional vocal students and amateur enthusiasts to participate!

【Musical Theater Class】 Musical theater is a comprehensive performance form that combines music, drama, dance, and singing. It tells the story through music and singing, while also emphasizing character portrayal and emotional expression.

Unlike opera, musical theater typically includes dialogue and character acting, using popular and dramatic music to unfold the storyline. Opera primarily features classical music and focuses on vocal and musical skills, while musical theater places greater emphasis on emotional expression by characters and stage performance.

This class aims to showcase the charm of musical theater, providing an international stage for the performers to display their acting and vocal skills, and to share the emotional depth of musical theater with the audience.

Musical Theater Class


  • Participants can enter as individuals or in a group. (Maximum 2 persons.The total number and personnel of the group cannot be changed during the competition. Each group will be considered as two participants.)

  • Free choice of one musical that has already been performed, any language.

  • Performance should be completed in 5 minutes.

Class No.H1-1 Musical Theater Youth (Junior) Class A
born between Dec.16,2007-Dec.15,2013

Class No.H1-2 Musical Theater Youth (Junior) Class B
born between Dec.16,2003-Dec.15,2007

Class No.H1-3 Musical Theater Youth (Senior) Class A
born between Dec.16,1999-Dec.15,2003

Class No.H1-4 Musical Theater Youth (Senior) Class B
born between Dec.16,1987-Dec.15,1999

Class No.H1-5 Musical Theater Adult Class

born between Dec.16,1962-Dec.15,1987

Class No.H1-6 Musical Theater Senior Class

born before Dec.16,1962